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Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing Mouthguard. Made in Thailand. A harder mouth guard that protects your teeth, jaw and lips from impact damage.  Provides protection to the teeth, jaw, lips and tongue during combat sports like Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA.

A mouthguard is a protective piece of boxing & Muay Thai equipment designed to prevent damage to the teeth.

Jaw protectors provide protection against blows and cuts to the teeth. They also help to reduce and distribute the load during a hard blow. Mouthguards are not only designed for use in boxing and contact martial arts. They are often used by hockey players, basketball players, football players and others in contact sports.

What brands produce mouth guards for boxing?

The mouthguards are produced by nearly all renowned brands specialising in boxing equipment. Today you can buy a mouth-guard from the following manufacturers:

Top King

This company manufactures mouthguards that successfully combine the advantages of handwork and modern shaping technology. The Top King models use a special  system ensuring an unbeatable fit and exceptional comfort for the fighter. The Top King mouthguards ensure an even compression of the teeth at every point in the mouth.


The brand makes its products in silicone gel. The mouth guard adjusts easily to any jaw. The 2-layer construction of the mouthguard ensures that every impact is absorbed. This prevents damage to the teeth, gums and jaw. 

Twins Special

Twins Special boxing mouthguard offers the ideal protection for your teeth, thanks to its rigid outer layer. Its ergonomic shape, comfort and versatility make it a versatile mouthguard. EVA material is used for this protective equipment.

If you need a quality mouth guard for boxing, you should focus on the following criteria:

  • type of model;
  • material of manufacture;
  • number of layers.

The mouthguard can be one-sided or double-sided according to the type of model. The first version is only intended to protect the upper jaw. Such protectors do not cause any discomfort, are firmly fixed on the teeth and allow the fighter to talk. The 2-sided protectors guarantee the maximum level of protection. They lock onto the upper and lower jaw to provide full protection of the teeth. The mouth guard completely covers the mouth and prevents the fighter from speaking. At the same time, he will be able to breathe through a hole in the protector.

As for the manufacturing material, the jaw protectors are usually made of thermoplastic, silicone and latex. The main requirement regarding the material of manufacture is safety for the fighter's health.

If we consider the mouthguards in terms of layers, they can be single or multi-layered. In the second case, several layers of material are used, differing in parameters such as density and softness. Each of these layers is responsible for its own task.

It remains to be added that in most cases manufacturers produce mouthguards in a standard size that fits almost all fighters without exception.

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