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What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts as a term appeared at the end of last century. It was suggested by Rick Blum. Many people do not distinguish between mixed martial arts and bare-knuckle fighting, however, this is a common misconception. The modern MMA fighter is well-versed in different fighting styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, and more.

The rules of mixed martial arts

MMA is a unique phenomenon in the world of martial arts. Here the fighter decides for himself in what manner he will fight. He may stand or fight on the ground. Different wrestling techniques are used in the fighting arena.

They may use both hands and feet, as well as grappling and many more. Everyone is free to choose the most suitable fighting techniques.


BOOSTER is one of the best options for MMA gloves at the moment. This model is known for its excellent combination of quality, safety and comfort. Some of the features of the model include:

The high density of foam, which ensures the absorption of the opponent’s blows;

  • anatomical shape of the glove;
  • extra thumb protection;
  • a special velcro fastening system to stabilize the wrist.

Also keep in mind that all BOOSTER products are hand sewn in Thailand. Overall, this model deserves the title of “the best gloves for MMA”. That is why it is used by many professional fighters.

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What is Mixed Martial Arts | Easily Explained