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If you intend to spar or compete in amateur Muay Thai or Boxing fights, you’ll need some headgear. A boxing headgear is an effective means of protecting the head during sparring. Let's look at the main points to pay attention to when choosing the headgear.

There are basically two types of headgear:

  • Training headgear (with a closed face);
  • Competitive headgear (open-face).

Training headgear perfectly covers the whole face and provides maximum protection, but at the same time it has a serious disadvantage - it reduces the viewing angle. The helmet is great for training, but not for competitions.

Competitive headgear does not protect so well but it lets you see the ring and your opponent. It is lighter, less bulky, and less of an impediment to your field of view.

How do I know what size headgear to get?

The main parameter when choosing a headgear is its size, which is determined by the circumference of the head of the athlete. To calculate it, you need a centimeter to measure the circumference of the head at the forehead. This will tell you what size you need. 

The table below shows the main existing sizes of boxing helmets:


Circumference of the head 

XS - S

50 - 55


55-  58


58 - 60 


60 -62

Considering the best brands for Boxing and Muay Thai headgear, it is worth highlighting such brands:

  1. Fairtex

Fairtex Headgear provides excellent coverage and protection for the face and head while training or sparring. Whether you are training boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, karate or tae kwon do, this head gear is perfect for you. This is great for beginner sparring in Muay Thai or Boxing. Fairtex headgear is top rated headgear for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and combat sport athletes alike to practice and compete.

2. King Pro Boxing

Made out of premium pu leather with soft inner lining, King Pro Boxing headgear is very comfortable to wear and ensures good visibility.

Among its features are soft inner lining and high quality padding.

King Pro Boxing products are innovative, eye-catching, and of high quality. They are proud to say that their products are made in Thailand and built to last!

3. Top King 

Top King headgear is in a class of its own. The wide field of vision and low profile design maximizes strike deflection for added protection making this the best headgear available. Top King Muay Thai head guard have been tried and tested in Muay Thai Boxing gyms throughout Thailand and the world.

4. Twins Special 

The Twins Headguard allows for a reasonable range-of-vision while still offering a high degree of protection and designed for full contact sparring.

The firm, high-density foam padding and greater face coverage increase safety and improve the balance between comfort and shock absorption.

All Twins Special products are made from the highest quality materials; and will give you the performance and long-lasting strength you would expect from the company that set the standard in the world of the Fighting Arts. 

Final Words

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to wear headgear but we believe that headgear has many more benefits than downsides. Train smarter and protect yourself! 

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