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For martial art athelets and fitness enthusiasts seeking high-quality and stylish Muay Thai T-shirts, Blegend Gym offers an array of top brands, including Fairtex, Booster, King Pro Boxing, and their exclusive Blegend collection. Let’s explore these brands, comparing their unique offerings and features.

Fairtex Muay Thai T-Shirts:

Price - from 35 USD

Fairtex has the most exceptional quality and design in the world of combat sports. Fairtex- is one of the most famous and old brand in the market. It has a reputable gym in Pattaya and world famous fighters. The fame of Fairtex made it one of the best brand in the market.

Their Muay Thai T-shirts embody the brand's commitment to durability and style. Made from premium materials, these shirts offer comfort and functionality. With sleek designs and iconic Fairtex branding, they are an excellent choice for both training and casual wear. Additionally, Fairtex recently introduced a new T-shirt collection, "Fairtex Fight," coinciding with their regular shows at Lumpinee Bangkok.

Booster Muay Thai T-Shirts:

Price - from 27 USD

Booster BVBA was founded in Belgium in 1994 by Mr Yves Vyvey. Over the years, Booster Fight Gear has become a top brand with distribution all over the world. It is the biggest kickboxing brand in Holland loved by the biggest athletes in the sport.

Booster’s line of Muay Thai T-shirts embodies a fusion of comfort and style it features AIR DRY technology for fast dry. These shirts prioritize breathability, ensuring comfort during rigorous training sessions. From Booster you will find  vibrant colors and bold graphics, appealing to those seeking an expressive and energetic look.

King Pro Boxing Muay Thai T-Shirts:

Price - from 27 USD

The King Pro Boxing brand was founded in Thailand, and it's one of the most popular boxing brands in the country. The company was founded to bring first-class workmanship and cool contemporary designs to the boxing world.

King Pro Boxing presents a range of Muay Thai T-shirts that strike a balance between comfort and durability.These shirts endure the demands of intense training while providing a comfortable fit. 

Blegend Muay Thai T-Shirts:

Price - from 16 USD

The Blegend brand was established in Thailand in 2020, integrating top Thai technologies and offering unmatched prices. Currently, Blegend sponsors numerous fight shows globally and holds partnerships with respected gyms in Thailand. Their exclusive collection of Muay Thai T-shirts reflects a perfect blend of practicality and style. With a wide variety of designs, the Blegend collection caters to different tastes and preferences.

Comparison of Features:

Brands Price Range Company Information T-Shirt Features
Fairtex Muay Thai T-Shirts $35 Renowned brand with a long-standing history and reputation in combat sports. Known for exceptional quality and design. Durable shirts made from premium materials, sleek designs with iconic branding. Recently introduced "Fairtex Fight" collection.
Booster Muay Thai T-Shirts $27 Founded in Belgium in 1994, a well-established brand loved by top athletes. Offers a fusion of comfort and style with AIR DRY technology. T-shirts prioritize breathability and fast drying. Vibrant colors and bold graphics for an expressive look.
King Pro Boxing Muay Thai T-Shirts $27 Established as a popular brand in Thailand, bringing contemporary designs and first-class workmanship to the boxing world. T-shirts strike a balance between comfort and durability, ideal for intense training sessions.
Blegend Muay Thai T-Shirts $16 A newer brand established in Thailand in 2020, integrating advanced technologies and offering competitive prices. Sponsors global fight shows and partners with renowned gyms. T-shirts offer a fusion of practicality and style with a diverse range of designs catering to varied preferences.

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