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Fairtex BGV6 Stylish Angular Sparring Gloves at BLEGEND Gym Store

At BLEGEND Gym Store, we understand the dedication and intensity Muay Thai training demands. Equipping yourself with the right tools is paramount for maximizing performance, protecting yourself, and dominating the ring. That's why we offer the Fairtex BGV6 Stylish Angular Sparring Gloves, meticulously crafted to elevate your sparring experience and embody the spirit of a true Muay Thai warrior.

A Legacy of Muay Thai Excellence: The Fairtex Story

Fairtex isn't just a brand; it's a symbol of Muay Thai heritage. Founded in 1958 by Bunjong Busarakamwongse (better known as Mr. Philip Wong) in Bangkok, Thailand, Fairtex has grown into a globally recognized force in combat sports equipment. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has garnered them numerous accolades, including the prestigious Best MMA Gloves Award at the World MMA Awards in 2008. Since 2010, Fairtex has been the official gloves partner of ONE Championship, a testament to their dedication to the sport. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Philip Wong's son, Prem Busarabavonwongs, Fairtex continues to push boundaries from its headquarters in Pattaya, Thailand, where the renowned Fairtex Training Center resides.

The Fairtex BGV6: Your Precision Instrument for Sparring Dominance

The Fairtex BGV6 Stylish Angular Sparring Gloves aren't your average sparring gloves. They're meticulously crafted weapons designed to absorb the punishment dished out in intense Muay Thai sparring sessions, while offering unparalleled comfort and control. With the BGV6, you can focus on perfecting your technique and unleashing devastating strikes with confidence.

Unwavering Protection for Bone-Crushing Strikes:

Safety is paramount in sparring. The Fairtex BGV6 prioritizes your well-being with its exceptional protection features:

  • Triple-Layer Latex Foam Core: This innovative padding system effectively absorbs the impact of powerful punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, minimizing the risk of injury for both you and your sparring partner.
  • Extended Wrist Cuff: The BGV6 boasts an extended cuff that offers extra support to your wrist and forearm. This design feature helps to minimize wrist tension while maximizing support and protection during intense exchanges.
  • Locked Thumb Design: The Fairtex BGV6 incorporates a unique attached thumb design. This prevents accidental hyperextensions and injuries during sparring, allowing you to focus on delivering fight-ending strikes.

Unmatched Comfort and Control for Flawless Technique:

Comfort and control are crucial for effective Muay Thai sparring. The Fairtex BGV6 boasts innovative features that ensure both:

  • Premium Quality Leather: The BGV6 is crafted from high-grade leather, offering exceptional durability and a comfortable feel throughout your training sessions.
  • "Stylish Angular" Design: This unique design element goes beyond aesthetics. The angled form of the glove provides a more natural and comfortable fit for your hand, allowing for unrestricted hand and wrist movement.
  • Wrap-Around Hook and Loop Wristband: The BGV6 features a user-friendly closure system that allows for easy on-and-off application while providing a secure and personalized fit. This ensures your gloves stay firmly in place during even the most dynamic sparring sessions.

A Glove Designed for Muay Thai Warriors of All Levels:

The Fairtex BGV6 caters to a wide range of Muay Thai practitioners:

  • Intermediate and Advanced Muay Thai Athletes: The BGV6 is the perfect choice for intermediate and advanced athletes who engage in regular sparring sessions. Its superior protection and comfortable fit allow you to train harder and push your Muay Thai skills to the limit.
  • Competitors: If you're a Muay Thai competitor, the Fairtex BGV6 offers the protection and support you need to dominate the ring. With its exceptional shock absorption and secure fit, you can focus on delivering fight-winning strikes with confidence.

Available in a Variety of Sizes to Find Your Perfect Fit:

The Fairtex BGV6 comes in a variety of sizes (8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz) to ensure a perfect fit for all hand sizes. Finding the right size is crucial for maximizing comfort, protection, and performance. Use this guide as a starting point:

  • 8oz - 10oz: Ideal for lighter weight classes or for pad work and light sparring.
  • 12oz - 14oz: The most popular sizes for sparring, suitable for a wide range of weight classes.
  • 16oz: Recommended for heavier weight classes or for heavy bag training.