Collection: Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV22

Fairtex BGV22 Boxing Gloves

At Blegend Gym Store, we understand the relentless pursuit of boxing greatness that burns within you. You need equipment that can keep pace with your lightning-fast footwork and transform you into a technical maestro in the ring. Enter the Fairtex BGV22 Boxing Gloves – meticulously crafted with premium vegan materials to offer unmatched comfort, exceptional durability, and a touch of distinctive style.

A Legacy Woven into the Fabric of Boxing: Fairtex

Fairtex isn't just a brand; it's the very fabric of boxing legends. Founded in 1958 by Muay Thai icon Bunjong Busarakamwongse (Mr. Philip Wong) in Bangkok, Thailand, Fairtex has become synonymous with combat sports excellence. Their unwavering dedication to innovation is evident in their prestigious accolades, including the coveted Best MMA Gloves Award at the World MMA Awards in 2008. Since its inception, Fairtex has transcended the boundaries of Muay Thai, becoming a trusted partner for boxers worldwide. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Philip Wong's son, Prem Busarabavonwongs, Fairtex continues to push boundaries from its headquarters in Pattaya, Thailand, where the renowned Fairtex Training Center breeds champions across all combat disciplines.

The Fairtex BGV22: Where Technical Prowess Meets Style

The Fairtex BGV22 Boxing Gloves aren't your average pair. They're meticulously crafted instruments designed to maximize your technical potential and unlock your inner boxing virtuoso, all while offering a touch of personal flair. With the BGV22, you can experience:

  • Unleash Flawless Technique: The BGV22's innovative design features a slightly tighter fit than traditional gloves. This promotes a natural fist formation, allowing you to execute intricate boxing techniques with effortless precision. Focus on honing your skills, not battling discomfort.
  • Unwavering Control for Pinpoint Accuracy: The strategically placed padding offers exceptional shock absorption and hand protection. This allows you to land every punch with unwavering control and dominate the fight with technical mastery.
  • Move Like a Phantom: Made from premium, lightweight microfiber leather, the BGV22 fosters exceptional agility and mobility in the ring. Dance around your opponent, weave through defenses with ease, and create unpredictable angles for devastating technical strikes.
  • A Touch of Distinction: Stand out subtly with the BGV22's unique metallic gloss coloring. Add a touch of personal style to your training regimen and showcase your dedication to the art of boxing.
  • Sweat-Free Focus: The moisture-wicking lining keeps your hands cool and dry throughout your training sessions. Maintain peak focus and unleash a relentless barrage of technically sound punches without interruption.

Become a Legend of Technical Boxing:

The Fairtex BGV22 Boxing Gloves offer a multitude of benefits for technical boxers of all levels:

  • Sharpen Your Arsenal: The BGV22's design facilitates proper fist formation and punching mechanics, ultimately leading to increased power and precision in your strikes, making you a more formidable opponent.
  • Unwavering Comfort and Performance: The ergonomic design, moisture-wicking lining, and lightweight construction ensure a comfortable and distraction-free training experience, allowing you to focus solely on etching your name in boxing history with technical brilliance.
  • Built to Endure the Grind: Fairtex is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship. The BGV22 features durable construction with high-quality vegan materials, making them a long-lasting investment in your boxing legacy. Train with intensity, fight with precision, and know your gloves can withstand the punishment.

Blegend Gym Store: Your Partner in Building Boxing Legends

Blegend Gym Store is your dedicated partner in building boxing legends. In addition to the Fairtex BGV22 Boxing Gloves, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality boxing equipment to elevate your training regimen, including:

  • Fairtex Pads: Develop your punching power, accuracy, and combinations with Fairtex pads, available in various styles to suit your training needs.
  • Fairtex Skipping Ropes: Hone your footwork agility and speed with high-quality Fairtex skipping ropes.
  • Fairtex Hand Wraps: Provide additional wrist support and protection for your hands with Fairtex hand wraps, available in various lengths and materials.