Collection: Blegend Shinguards

The BLEGEND brand is one of the most popular brands on the market, specializing in various types of martial arts equipment.

The company was founded by Mr Sasan Ghosairi in 2020. The aim of the company is to create products that are perfect for professional sport athletes and combat sport athletes, who demand top-notch equipment. Every piece of gear is crafted from the best materials available and constructed with optimum performance in mind.

The brand was launched 2020.

The brand's philosophy is to "inspire fighters to train every day and achieve success in their sport." The necessity to use this equipment stems from the fact that in most martial arts kicking is allowed. Such blows are injury prone. Therefore, fighters must not ignore the issue of shin protection. Otherwise they risk serious injuries to their bones and ligaments. In addition, kicks result in bruises, abrasions and contusions.

Taking all the aforesaid into consideration, it is evident that shin guards are one of the most important elements of any fighter’s outfit. Conventionally this kind of combat gear can be divided into 3 categories:

Training. This category includes shin guards with thick padding of shock-absorbing foam. This protection is aimed not only at protecting feet, but also for providing comfort during training process. It enables the user to perform accentuated kicks without the risk of injuries.
Hybrid. Combined shin guards feature a solid hitting surface and a particular way of fixation on the leg. It enables the fighter to move comfortably both in a standing position, as well as in a parterre. There is no risk of the shin shield twisting.
Competitive. This kind of equipment may be called a primitive one. It is designed for amateur fighters. The hard foam neutralizes the risk of injuries only insignificantly. Such outfit is not recommended to be used for everyday training.

BLEGEND Brand Features

The BLEGEND brand strives to produce original, high-quality products at affordable prices. This principle is not only used in the development of shingards. BLEGEND also specializes in the production of boxing gloves, t-shirts, shorts, ankleguards etc.

All products of this brand meet high standards. Moreover, BLEGEND is constantly developing and improving the quality of its products. This approach allows the company to confidently compete with other brands in the production of sports equipment for fighters.

BLEGEND Price Range

BLEGEND brand shinguards are available in the budget and medium price range. BLEGEND shinguards should be attributed to the budget segment. Their price tag is from 1400 THB – 38 USD. This outfit is made from a flexible material, so it can be fitted perfectly to the athlete’s foot. Also worth noting is the cutout, which prevents the risk of protection slipping off. The BLEGEND uses a foam filler material to absorb shock.

Blegend Shinguards BSGR SL8 are slim, compact shinguards. While they definitely have all of the typical features of Striking style Muay Thai shinguards, they also have a much smaller, compact feel compared to other typical Thai shin guards. Synthetic leather.

BLEGEND Muay Thai and Boxing Shinguards are made in Thailand, with an ergonomic shape that allows for maximum comfort, movement and protection. These shinguards have a hook and loop strap back for more protection and adjustability. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these shin guards will help you get where you want to go.